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Welcome to our dynamic fitness community, where we’re excited to announce our expansion journey! Our gym, known for its exceptional fitness classes, is now spreading its wings to bring the joy of wellness to even more individuals.

As we grow, we’re thrilled to establish new connections and provide our community with convenient fitness options. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for you to engage in our transformative classes, connect with like-minded individuals, and work towards your health and fitness aspirations.

Contact us right away at Team@str11ve.com for a transformative journey!

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What do you mean "No Class Times?"

There are no class times! Our program is a circuit format, meaning that a new workout starts about every 2 minutes. Members may come in anytime during the hours of operation at the location and start their workout. This makes it super convenient for anyone with a busy schedule! Your 30-75+ minute workout starts whenever you walk in our door!

Can Beginners Do Strive 11?

Yes! Each of our workouts has different levels of intensity. That way no matter what fitness level you are at you can get a amazing workout in to help you achieve your desired results.

What Age Can I Sign My Child Up?

We recommend children be 12 years old to sign up in our program. This due to the physical development and attention span of kids. This is a great program that parents and children can do together. Families that STRIVE thrive together!

How Many Days A Week Should I Workout To See Results?

Three times a week at least to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but we definitely hope to see you more than that!

What Are You Membership Rates And Terms?

We have a few different membership packages ranging in pricing but please contact us to get more information. You can email us at team@str11ve.com or give us a call (747)265-6200.