Burn Stubborn Body Fat, and tone lean Muscle


Our program offers unparalleled convenience with no class times – no need to plan your day around class times! At our location, start a fresh round every two minutes with workouts lasting between 30 and 75+ minutes.

We Strive For Progress, Not Perfection!

Ready to Challenge Yourself?

At Strive 11 Fitness, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what our clients can achieve. Since 2021, we’ve consistently motivating people to surpass their physical and mental limits–creating a true “never give up” culture!

Our program offers maximum flexibility with its circuit format – a brand new workout starts approximately every two minutes. This means that all you have to do is swing by during our hours of operation and start your 30-75+ minute session whenever you please. Our unique High-Intensity Interval Training programs help you go beyond any plateau by targeting fat-burning, muscle-toning, endurance-building and cardiovascular-strengthening for an all-encompassing workout experience.