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Why Str11ve

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Our Story

Back in 2016 Devan had came up this the the idea for Strive 11 Fitness. Being a personal trainer for over 6 years at this point and have multiple certifications in different fields of fitness/personal training he wanted to create something different for his clients to give them that extra little push.

While in the gym training clients Devan was introduced to Nick who wanted to know if Devan could help him get his body ready for a bodybuilding physique competition. Devan gladly agreed and asked Nick when would he want to do the competition which Nick replied 12 weeks. Devan told him that he could do it but it would be extremely difficult with so little time to prepare, but Nick said he'll do whatever it takes. Nick put in the work and was able to go up on stage looking great and feeling confident. 

A couple weeks after the show Devan talked to Nick about partnering up with him to help build the brand Strive 11 Fitness since Nick showed how hard of a worker and how dedicated to fitness he was, he could now help others reach their goals like he did.

Devan and Nick have been building the Strive 11 community together ever since. Helping as many people feel that wonderful feeling of success from smashing their fitness and health goals.


Founded in 2016 Strive 11 was developed to push our personal training clients in a new fun way. We wanted to build a never give up culture and through our program it allowed clients to push their bodies as well as their minds further than they thought they could. Helping people push through the fatigue and push through the muscles burning sensation that comes along with H.I.I.T. training and strive for progress not perfection. 

We didn't want to help people just lose weight or build muscle, but to help people burn fat, tone muscle, build endurance in those muscles, as well as help build up your cardiovascular system (strengthening your lungs and heart). 

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