Can Beginners Do Strive 11?

Yes! Each of our workouts has different levels of intensity. That way no matter what fitness level you are at you can get a amazing workout in to help you achieve your desired results.

Do You Offer A Trial Membership?

Yes! We offer a Free 3 Day trial pass you can click the button below to sign up for it & try the workout program out.

What Are You Membership Rates And Terms?

We have a few different membership packages ranging in pricing but please contact us to get more information.

Can Beginners Do Strive 11?

There are no class times! Our program is a circuit format, meaning that a new workout starts about every 2 minutes. Members may come in anytime during the hours of operation at the location and start their workout. This makes it super convenient for anyone with a busy schedule! Your 30-75+ minute workout starts whenever you walk in our door!

What Age Can I Sign My Child Up?

We recommend children be 12 years old to sign up in our program. This due to the physical development and attention span of kids. This is a great program that parents and children can do together. Families that STRIVE thrive together!

How Many Days A Week Should I Workout To See Results?

Three times a week at least to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but we definitely hope to see you more than that!